Hello! I’m Karen, and thanks for stopping by – you are welcome here!

I am:

An Intersectional feminst

Coping with an anxiety disorder

Body-positive, sex-positive, fat-postive, and LGBTQIA+ friendly

A part-time Episcopalian (the other bit of me is vaguely Pagan)

A proud Hufflepuff 🙂


I had been searching for a new blog title for a while, and “Anxiously Contemplative” came to me one day and seemed like the perfect place to land. It describes me for who I am at the moment: having an anxiety disorder but also believing in deep contemplation. The “salt and light” subtitle refers to this Bible passage. This particular passage speaks to me because I believe we are called to speak our truth and fight for justice of the marginalized and the oppressed, and so I aim to remember to speak out and fight for what is right while also giving radical love to those I meet along the way.

8 thoughts on “About

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  4. Karen, I came across your blog from a link on Reddit and I wanted to thank you for writing.

    I personally have found my way into the Anglican/Episcopal fold through a fairly different path (raised Reformed Baptist, escaped, happened into this tradition), but I also have an anxiety disorder (OCD), a new-found appreciation for contemplative Christianity (especially in the Celtic and Benedictine traditions) and while I’m not a Pagan by any stretch, I have a very healthy appreciation for the various influences of ancient and neo-Celtic paganism.

    Anywhos, glad to see you out here in the blogosphere.

    – Caedmon

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